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         Cuvée Château Les Croisille




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Château les Croisille

  Croisille family has planted most of their grapes in Fages for over 30 years. The vineyard is now fully mature and provids all possibilities to produce the great wine. Based on the simple principle that " good wine from good grapes ", they pay particular attention to their growing practices, and constantly evolve their methods. In 2010 they initiated the process of “ecological agriculture”. This process changes the growing practices that lead to the significant changes for the grapes. For example: mechanically weeding (no more chemical herbicides), removing the shallow root tissues to force the roots to go down deeper, the vines therefore absorb different nutrients and are more resistant to drought, so the grapes mature better which assure a better wine quality. Croisille family believes a simple concept: to have the taste balanced, round, fleshy ... ,it is imperative to pick the perfectly ripe grapes. many growers still focus only on the maturity of the technology management (sugar content, acidity and ph value). For Croisille, maturity is most important, and the harvest date is determined by a regular tasting of the grapes. they can decide to harvest only when the brewer believes that the pips, skins, tannins are all ripe. This is the critical step to successfully brew the strong, balanced and round Cahors wine .




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