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                           Noble Rot Sweet White Wine     


Noble rot, known scientifically as Botrytis cinerea, is a fungus growing on certain grapes.

When the noble rot bacteria attached to mature grapes, the grapes gradually lose moisture, the

grape skin gradually shrinks, leaving only a thick fructose with rich flavor. Since the grapes are rotted

on the outside and dried, the production of juice is quite limited.

Noble rot grape's requirements for light and humidity are very strict, if the weather is a little unbalanced, the production may be reduced or even thoroughly destroyed. Botrytis grapes are manual picked

and selected. It’s a time-consuming work. The good quality noble rot dessert wine can be kept

for decades. Many people love it, but production is not easy, in the case of short supply, the price

is naturally not cheap. That’s why it’s named the "liquid gold".

The taste of noble rot is very soft, smooth and floral, with the rich aroma of honey and dried fruits.

The most suitable temperature for drinking is generally between 5-8 degree. Normally the French drink

 it with the foie gras, or serve it as the aperitif or dessert wine, but it’s better to avoid accompanying

the chocolate or coffee.






Château Rondillon





Type: White Sweet
Appellation: Loupiac AOC
Vintage: 2010 2011
Grape: 100 % Sémillion
Alcohol: 13.5 %
Volume: 750ml
• Colour: Golden
• Nose: the special sweet smell of noble grapes
• Palate: long last nice fruity , note of acidity , with a tangy finish that provide a real gourmet pleasure
• Serve at 18 ° , Open 30 minutes before serving
Food and wine
• Drink as an aperitif with foie gras, poultry, many Asian or exotic dishes, many cheeses and desserts as well.
Preservation: 10 years





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